You Said

You say that you want me to move in with you,
That you want me back in your life.
But you’re the one who walked out of mine.
How can I believe what you say?

You said that you didn’t mean to disappear,
Didn’t mean to hurt me.
Yet you did it anyways.
Why would I trust what you’ve said?

You told me that you still love me,
But when I tell you the same thing,
You don’t see how,
When not even five minutes earlier,
You told me
“You don’t just stop loving someone.”
How can I believe what you tell me,
When you don’t believe it yourself?


Emotionally Invested

He slowly fills me in on his life,
Telling me about his losses and confusion.
I long to ease his suffering.
Tears silently fall from my eyes
While he smokes a Marlbro.
He is blind to the here and now
As he shares his painful memories.
Briefly he sees my tears,
Tells me that he’s not worth crying over.
He doesn’t want to hurt anyone,
Drag them into his unsteady life.
He’d rather be alone,
For he knows that
If she were to say that she wanted to fix them,
He’d take her back in a heartbeat.
Without hesitation
He’d welcome her once again into his open arms.
It leaves me torn and concerned,
Leaves me emotionally invested,
Without notice.
I can’t tell him,
Because he won’t approve,
Doesn’t want me falling for him.
But it’s a little too late.
I’m already emotionally invested.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


My ex stopped by.


I broke down,

And he saw my tears,

My pain.


It was almost as if nothing bad happened

As he kissed me for the last time.


Not one song

Can explain how I feel.


Cut and paste

Songs together

To explain

The confusion,

The pain,

The memories brought to the surface.


I want to cry into a full bathtub

As my speakers play

Songs for the broken-hearted,

And my sweet release

Lets the pain flow freely.


I might regret standing there

For so long,

And letting my vulnerability

Be so exposed.


My heart might start to heal,

My pain may start to dull,

My weaknesses become my strength.


May never come…

Remind Me – Brad Paisley ft Carrie Underwood

I did not write this.  Just inspired by it.

[Brad] we didn’t care if people stared
we’d make out in a crowd somewhere
somebody’d tell us to get a room
it’s hard to believe that was me and you
now we keep saying that we’re ok
but i don’t want to settle for good not great
i miss the way that it felt back then i wanna feel that way again

been so long that you’d forget the way i used to kiss your neck
[carrie] remind me, remind me
so on fire so in love. way back when we couldn’t get enough
[carrie] remind me, remind me

[carrie] remember the airport dropping me off
we were kissing goodbye and we couldn’t stop
[brad] i felt bad cause you missed your flight
[carrie and brad] but that meant we had one more night

[carrie] do you remember how it used to be
we’d turn out the lights and didn’t just sleep
[brad] remind me remind me
baby remind me
[carrie] oh so on fire so in love
that look in your eyes that i miss so much
[brad] remind me, baby remind me

[brad] i wanna feel that way
[carrie] yeah i wanna hold you close
[brad and carrie] oh if you still love me
don’t just assume i know

[carrie] do you remember the way it felt?
[brad] you mean back when we couldn’t control ourselves
[carrie] remind me, remind me
[brad] yeah remind me
[carrie] all those things that you used to do
that made me fall in love with you
remind me. oh baby remind me

[brad] yeah you’d wake up in my old t-shirt
all those mornings i was late for work
remind me

[brad and carrie] oh baby remind me

Where Is Your Reality?

I can feel the bass through my feet.
Lights flash before my eyes
In a blur of color.
Neon clothes and make-up
Glow beneath the black light.
Bodies are being mashed together
In a dancing frenzy.
We hug people we’ve just met,
And become part of their family
The next weekend.
We all instinctively follow
A short code of conduct;
Five words
That make up
Our underground world.
We forget reality
And go by different names.
People recognize one another
By simple pieces of jewelry.
I am Star Burst.
I am a raver.
I am one of thousands.
Where is your reality?

The Wrong Cards Were Played

Our marriage isn’t going to happen
Quite the way we wanted.
Everything has to be put on hold
For a few years,
Because the wrong cards were played.

We have more time to plan things
In more detail,
And we have time to save up.
But I’ll be without you
For a few Years
Because the wrong cards were played.

I know everything is left up to fate,
But we also have free will
And the power of choice.
Now I will have to Suffer
Here without you
For a few years
because of your choices
And the wrong cards were played.

So Much For Staying Friends

You had someone text me
Asking for me to not contact you anymore…
What is that about?
It’s been over three months
Since I’ve talked to you…
I only called you once,
Sent you one text,
and one friend request online…
I miss you.
What is so hard to understand about that?
So much for staying friends…
Just because things didn’t work out as we planned,
Doesn’t mean we fade into a distant memory of one another…