Ignorance is Bliss

When someone says ignorance is bliss…

It’s a lie.

She doesn’t see

The pain she is causing.


It all started

One quiet summer day

With bubble tea.

I started to fall for her.

Her pale skin,

Soft blonde hair,

Beautifully blue eyes,

Perfect smile.

That was eight months ago…


Her ignorance is her bliss,

But it’s also my pain.

Every call goes to voicemail.

Each text goes unanswered.

Where did I go wrong?

What did I do?

She doesn’t see

The pain she is causing.


I long to look into her blue eyes,

Touch her pale skin,

Play with her blonde hair,

And see that perfect smile.

But she’s forgotten about me…

I love her…

More┬áthan she sees…

And as each day passes,

The pain only gets worse.


When someone says ignorance is bliss…

It’s a lie.

She doesn’t see

The damage she has done,

The pain she has caused.


Never Ending Pain

Tears spill over the edge
Floor is covered in blood
Blood stains the razor
Pain is the only way
Only way I know I’m still here
Won’t understand
Never will
Pen going nonstop
Dripping blood on the paper
Ink blots from tears
Black bed spread
So the blood won’t show
No relief
From this never ending pain
Pain tearing at the seams
Help end this
Barely holding onto that shred of life
Threads tearing
Can’t hold on any longer
I love you

It Hurts…

I lie awake at night,
Crying countless tears,
Thinking of you constantly
Or what we could have,
Never sure if I’m still in love with him.
You’re one of my best friends,
But I can’t be around you.
It hurts too much.
And I have to bear witness
To you jumping her when you know how I feel…
You don’t seem to understand
Exactly how much it truly hurts
To see her flaunting hickeys from you
And I have to put on a mask
But you can see right through them
Yet you’ve stopped asking if I’m okay.
So you go ahead.
Keep jumping her
And reminding me of the pain…

I’m Gone

Did you know,
That I can feel
And have a heart?
That I cry myself to sleep
Every night?
That self injury does nothing
But help me feel?
That I am a living person
And can make my own decisions?
But I know,
That you are self centered,
And think women are below you.
You hate the idea of women in power,
While you are nothing to anybody.
And what do you know about me?
You THINK I am worthless
But in actuality,
It is you who is the worthless one.
You needn’t understand though
For a rock is more compassionate.
In case you don’t get it,
There is nothing left between us.
So just leave.
I want nothing more to do with you.
This is goodbye.
I’m gone.

Your Voice Brings Memories

I hear your voice on the answering machine
And my heart races
My hands start shaking.
I can’t calm down for at least 15 minutes
We need to talk.
But I’m busy.
And will be for the next few days.
I wish I could talk to you,
Let you know exactly how I feel
But I highly doubt you will understand…
Considering that you were all over her when I was right there.
It hurt to watch…
Neither one of you seemed to care
I walk away so I don’t have to see it,
And no one notices…
Or sees the pain that the mask can’t hide.
Yet I know you can see through the mask.
I leave early,
Hoping to sleep it off.
When she shows me the marks the next day,
I’m forced to smile and laugh
And “jokingly” call her a skank.
But when I try to talk to you about it,
She’s there,
Being an attention whore
And not leaving any time or room
For you to notice anyone else.
Then I can’t sleep,
Since I’m crying from the hurt.
All I ask is for 10 minutes
To pour my heart out for you…


Champagne glasses sit on the empty table,
With only a couple sips left at the bottom.
A laugh comes from the next room.
Not a bellow,
But a soft and gentle laugh,
Red from nervousness,
Sits a man,
Near a smiling woman.
His hands are shaking,
As he tries to break the ice.
The man gets up up and walks over to her.
She looks up slightly confused.
He gets down on his knee,
Fumbling in his pocket.
Her eyes wide.
Nerves disappear as he pulls out a ring.
Tears stain her eyes.
He asks the most intimate question of all.
“Will you become my wife?”
The woman is so choked up,
She can barely get her answer out.
The couple embrace in a tear filled hug.
He slips the ring on her delicate finger.
She smiles through the tears,
As he struggles to find her ear,
To whisper ever so softly,
“Until the day I die,
I love you.”
She throws herself at her fiance’
Covering him with kisses,
“And forever there after”

Love Making And Starry Skies

Soul searching.
Star gazing.
Heart beating.
Love making.

My soul has found yours.
It’s just us under the starry sky.
Our hearts beat as one.
We live for one another.
You leave me breathless.
I love you.
We smile because of each other.
Others laugh at us.
We joke about them.
Our hugs make the world stop spinning.
Your kisses make me weak.
I surrender to your touch.
And collapse after we make love.